We’ll build and run an advocacy program that has impactservices_partner

Byrnes Communications helps companies discover, mobilize and reward their advocates. In partnership with Influitive, the world’s top advocate marketing software company, we help companies organize their advocacy program and then engage their customers in ways that strengthen and improve their relationships.

Byrnes brings a unique perspective to advocacy marketing from most agencies. Unlike traditional marketing agencies, our long history running customer reference programs means we’ve always focused on understanding our client’s customers and engaging them properly as people, not just assets. Advocacy requires this skill—call it emotional intelligence—in order to be successful.

Influitive’s Advocacy Hub is more than a piece of software where your advocates can visit. The hub is intended to be a community for your advocates. Building a compelling community requires engaging your advocates in meaningful and intelligent way. This interaction is the same human element Byrnes Communications has built our business on, earning the trust of our clients and their customers. It’s at the heart of who we are.

A well planned and executed advocacy program can change a company. Advocates do more than sell – they make every marketing and sales program better – more efficient, more authentic, and more engaging.