We’ll measure and take stock for continuous improvements.

optimizeWe’ll continuously fine-tune your processes and fortify your reference program to insure it meets your sales and marketing goals for years to come. We’ll set a baseline and apply statistics we learn and glean from reference program activity including campaign data, customer recruitment, collateral creation, promotions and customer win statistics. Data points using quantifiable evidence will form the basis for continuous improvement and maximum results. You’ll realize higher efficiency, greater sales wins and stronger marketing campaigns. Optimization will allow your customer reference program to retain the top-tier presence you deserve. Marketers all struggle in the boardroom because branding and customer sentiment are tough to pinpoint. We’ll help you quantify the results so you gain greater credibility in the boardroom. Learn more about how your customer reference program can benefit from our experience.

75% of a CXO’s research is done via personal interactions and viral communication networks.