We’ll find customer ambassadors to endorse you.

recruitStrong sales and marketing references touch a chord in business because potential clients put much stock in what their peers say. Customer references can be critical to the selling cycle, and your satisfied customers are your biggest assets.

Why not turn your happy customers into influential ambassadors? We’ll apply our know-how in:

  • building relationships with your key sales staff,
  • researching your leads,
  • identifying the right advocate for the right selling opportunity,
  • qualifying customers for sales and marketing reference activities,
  • clearing customer spokespersons at various participation levels,
  • chronicling reference requests and customer participation, and
  • building Customer Advocacy programs in order to scale, increase credibility and demonstrate commitment to your customers.

We’ll help you build, manage and nurture strategic customer relationships, providing your reference program with its greatest asset – your customer’s voice. We’ll help you strategize your customer’s involvement to make the best use of their time, while shielding them from excessive ad-hoc requests. Contact us to learn how our customer expertise can help you.

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84% of B2B decision makers begin their buying process with a referral.